Sunday, September 23, 2012

I love Prospect Park

We love Prospect Park. Living close to the park we try and go as often as we can. It's huge! Filled with meadows, trees, and even lakes. Today we went early in the morning, since Isabella's wake up time is around 6ish am on average. Amazingly we weren't the only ones, there were dogs and people everywhere. It was a really beautiful autumn crisp day with lots of sunshine. I was lucky to spend it with my two favorite people!

Crepes and Coffee, Oh Yum!

Early Thursday morning my neighbor Evelyn and I checked out the Crepe and Espresso Bar called Crespella on 7th Avenue. I had the Raspberry/Ricotta crepe and Evelyn got the Nutella crepe. They were SO delicious...we ate them so fast I forgot to take a photos :+/. Our girls equally enjoyed them! We decided to go to Prospect Park on whim and watch the girls push the strollers across the field. It was early in the morning and my Isabella was still in her PJs. Luckily that didn't stop them from having fun and getting dirt all over.

Monday, September 17, 2012

We moved to NYC! It's been a busy year and I took a long break from blogging since our little one was born. Hope to be more in touch in the future days ahead. In the meantime I am currently looking for part time design and/or illustration work. Just set up my online portfolio today. It's a start at least :+). I found coroflot easy to set up and it's free! Now if I just can find that thumb drive with those essential projects.